Label Printing

From digitally printed labels (short run's) to flexographic printed labels (long run's)..... we can provide labels from hundreds to millions at a time.

We use up to 7 spot colours on the flexo presses and we use up to 5 colours on the digital presses.

Digital printed labels are suited best for shorter runs (up to 10K) or many types with small quantities.

Flexo printed labels are suited for long runs (10K or greater).

Below you can find a list of our most popular types of labels.....

  • Tamperproof labels
  • Tamper evident labels
  • Security Cut labels
  • Numbered labels
  • Varnished labels
  • Thermal labels
  • Laminated labels
  • Waterproof labels
  • Permanent labels
  • Peelable labels
  • Freezer labels
  • Printed labels

"You name it, we can do it!"


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Label Printing

Up to 7 spot colours


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