Twist - flexible banner system


This 3 panel Twist System is

799.00plus VAT

Including all graphics and lighting

Invest in the twist-banner for your next exhibition or event

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Twist is the most flexible, portable and modular exhibition display system in the world.

Manufactured entirely in the UK using high quality aluminium's and plastics, the Twist exhibition display range offers incredible flexibility, stability and ease of use.

The range has been designed to fulfil a wide range of exhibiting and display solutions, be it a single banner stand in a retail environment, a shell scheme system or a full bespoke stand.

Attach a shelf or monitor, change shape on the go, or create custom height extensions, the Twist range gives you the ultimate in flexibility and value for money.

Please view the animations and CAD drawings and see why Twist will give you everything you require from a display system.

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All of our graphics are printed to the manufacturers exact specification using HP technology

Why buy Twist?

The Twist banner stand is a unique product within the exhibition, retail and conference markets. Below are a few reasons why Twist should be the top of your list when considering Pop up, roller banners, panel systems or other display products:

  • Modular, flexible and portable: The Twist banner is a single product, however, you can add on to this indefinitely to create a huge, seamless display of any length you require; Add Flexilink panels, Original Twists, Media Twists, and create virtually any shape you require; a huge advantage over other display stands such as roller banners, pop ups and panel systems.
  • Variable widths and heights: The Twist comes in 12 standard sizes (excluding the Flexilink panel). We are also able to customise sizes to suit any particular needs.
  • Patented tensioning system: Maintaining a taut graphic and allowing a solid, seamless link on uneven floors, our patented tensioning system ensures that your display will look good at all times.
  • Other benefits to the Twist banner include; integrated lighting, ability to create a 3d effect, double sided, interchangeable graphic panels, simple assembly, TFT screen integration...the list goes on.
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